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#02-06 East Shore Med Ctr 319 Joo Chiat Place Singapore
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9am - 12.30pm (Sat only) 
Strictly by appointment 

Steps to Skin Beauty - Nourishment for your skin

Our skin cells are among the most actively dividing cells in our body. No matter what cosmetic manufacturers claim, the cell renewal process requires nutrients. These nutrients do not come from the creams we apply on the skin. They come from the food that we consume.

Many people believe that they can get enough nutrients automatically by eating more. That's not true. You can eat and give your body more calories without actually providing nourishment. This can happen when you consume too much animal fat, sugar, processed food and fast food. Overindulgence in high calorie food can also make you look less attractive and increase the risk of health problems.

Photograph courtesy of USDA

There are two important aspects to healthy eating:

  • Eating the right amount of food to maintain a healthy weight and
  • Eating the right type of food to ensure adequate nutrients. 

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