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Welcome to Skin A to Z.

Skin A to Z is a powerful resource for information on skin diseases. It covers, to our knowledge, the most comprehensive range of skin disorders available on the web. Here you can find accurate information about skin disorders, the latest treatments available and what a person can do to help your skin recover. Although, primarily meant for the public, the information provided is detailed enough even for medical students and doctors. Please note, however, that this information is NOT a substitute for consulting the doctor (see disclaimer below). Rather it is meant to help you understand your disease better so that you can have a more meaningful discussion with your doctor and be able to make important decisions about treatment.

Do browse around and feel free to contact us, whether it is for more information or you just want to provide us with feedback.

How to use Skin A to Z
Skin A to Z is arranged alphabetically. To go to a disease, click on the first alphabet in the navigation bar on the left. If you require information about procedures and treatments, click on them, respectively.

The information provided is meant for educational purposes and is not a substitute for consulting a doctor. Decisions about treatment must always be made in consultation with the doctor. K B Lim Skin Clinic Pte Ltd will not be liable for any complication or injury arising from the use of this information.